CRF 2 WR some advice

hey Yamaha guys!!

I am a CRF 450 riding who is sick of the Valve issused with this damn bike, my buddy has a 98 YZ 400, the original thumper and loves it.. so I am tossed up between getting a XR 650, and a WR450...

few Q's... I know the yamis have the 5 valves, whats the benifits??

valve life, and we talking a entire new valve system and re cut valve seats every 50 or 100 hours like the CRF? or do the WRs hold up? or is it luck? some guys have the problems, and some dont?

what are some Years to avoid? what is the 1st year of the WR 450? i am currently looking at a 2003..

thanks for any advice!! :ride:

03' was the first 450. It's a great bike with the exception of the starting assembly. Some aren't affected, but the worst case is that you spend around $240 and a couple hours updating to the 04' starting system.

Run a search for "starter key" and you'll get lots of good reading. Do the same for "valve adjustment" and your evening is spoken for. That said, alot of guys get over 10,000 miles with only bi-yearly valve checks/adjustments. Hope that helps.

Probably get lectured for this but I have an 01 WR426 with about 7-8k miles on it and havn't done anything besides change oil and clean the the bike!

After the venerable XR line, the WR is the most bullet proof 4-stroke out there. 10,000 miles is not an uncommon benchmark for a rebuild. You have to be a bit more maintenance concious than with the XR, but that just means more frequent oil and filter changes, and semi-annual valve clearance checks. If you're racing, then it's going to up the maintenance intervals, but for the non-racer, the easier schedule is plenty...SC

2003 WR450f here. Owned it since new Feb of 2003.

I have accumulated over 10,000 miles of trails and street motard riding.

Only one valve adjustment has been needed. The valve adjustment cost $200 from the dealer.

No starter issues ever. I have only had to replace front wheel bearings, jetting, and the drive shaft weep seal.

My friends 2005 CRF450x is slightly faster in a straight line, but he too has been dealing with valve issues.

As for the Genesis Design Head (5-valve); the engineering looks better on paper than in actual usage / performance results. The street bikes have already dropped the design for the tried and true (and easier to maintain) 4-valve head. Off-road and MX bikes may follow suit, and return to 4-valve designs.

So, my point being, don't use the Genesis design as a basis for decision. There are other reasons to go with the blue bike. For me- I just switched from KTM, it came down to better pricing, equal performance (heck, all the bikes are so close with regards to performance), better components for the dollar, ergonomics, etc. Service intervals, according to the manual(s) are also pretty close. But, many on this forum report excellent longevity, when doing the required maintenance.

I think that the Honda engine is easier to work on, given the frame design, but that is just an opinion. The Yamaha frame is not a true twin-spar, but more of a mix of the old and new designs.

Imagine being a Yamaha Road Race Mechanic; 5 valves X 4 cylinders! YEEEEHAAAWW!!


I went from an XR 650 to an '05 WR 450. The XR was a great bike and maintenance was much easier but I couldn't be happier with my WR. I race it, Baja trips three times a year, and trail ride with my kids. I've checked the valves twice and it's never needed an adjustment. I've owned KTM, Kawi, Honda, and Yamaha and I'm a convert.

thanks for the replies!! I really want a desert machine, that is why I was thinking the XR and the WR... The 2003 WR I am looking at is climed to only have 10 hours on it, 300 miles, havent seen it yet... just pics, but the pics show very little wear on the cases and the frame. Again thanks for the replies.. :censored: you might be seeing me on this forum more, if I get the WR..

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