More Power??

Has anyone tried the K&N fiter on xr650r and put it to the test I.E.Dezert Race,100mi dualsport ride,off-road whatever.. and come away with an opinion good or bad??

I have a uni filter on its last leg and its time to get a NEW one and I'm always looking for an edge:thumbsup: on my buddies. Thanx in advance:applause:


Welcome to TT. Yes, the Uni filter tends to come apart at the seems after a few cleanings. I upgraded to the K&N and have been happy with it. Though I would not use it with a drilled or modified cover, which allows way more dirt and debris into the air box, the slight gain in power is not worth the extra maintenance and risk of running dirt through the engine.

Try the NoToil filter and products - easy to clean and my filter has lasted a year.:ride:

You can search for this subject, it has been covered on ThumperTalk many many times.

The general consensus is that the K&N does flow more air and can give more power. However, it comes at the cost of letting some of the fine dust through.

I always get more than one filter element. I currently have three. I clean them all at the same time. It's nice have a clean and oiled filter ready to go.

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