'04 wr450 gear box problem?

My wr450 04 model has develeoped a fault.........

It rides perfect in 1st to 4th gear infact rather oddly it feels faster than ever! But when in 5th gear it throws a fit, feels like the clutch is slipping or its momentarely dropping out of gear as the bike starts to jerk when i try to accelerate. Light throttle in 5th seems ok but as soon as you open the throttle the problem arises, like i say its fine in all other gears so im guessing that there is a problem with the gear box....

I could do with some technical info on the gear box to educate my self before a strip down :ride:



Someone has to tell you. You have rounded the dogs on fifth gear. You'll have to strip her down and probably replace third as well.

sounds about right, i had just landed a pretty big wheely and accelerated hard into 5th then it started jerking like mad.

Oh well good excuse to make a few power mods while its in bits....

Sounds more like clutch to me. Would bad gears also be felt at light throttle?

I originaly thought clutch, but no hint of a problem in any other gear so i dont think it is tbh.

A strip down will soon tell.....

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