IMS 4.6 Gal Fitment XR650R

I recently bought another XR650R with low miles. I spent the last week putting in a Vapor and a IMS 4.6 Gallon tank.

The fitment sucks. It took about 30 minutes to install the frame bolts after partially threading the right and then using a pry lever between the end of the tank and the shock reservoir to line up the left bolt holes. After that, I had to cut part of the right radiator shroud. Then I had to undo the radiator/shroud bolt at the bottom of the shroud to get the shroud to tank screws installed. After that, I forced the radiator to shrod bolt back in. What a pain. :ride:

Next time, buy a Clarke. My 3.8 fits way better and doesn't look like I'm riding an overweight dolphin.

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