buying new exhaust system

hey i am going to buy a jardine rt-4 full exhaust system, but before i do i want to clear something up. I have been hearing on different forums people talking about having to change the jetting when they put a new exhaust system on, so wat am i going to have to change when i put the new system on?? thanks (i have an 03 yz450)

The stock exhaust is a free flowing exhaust, so are the aftermarkets (for the most part). In my experience they do not need a jetting change. A fuel screw adjustment maybe deemed necessary, but other than that you should be fine.

yea 642 mx is right i just put a jardine rt4 slip on my yz 400f i got the pipe for 180 bucks they had a full system 277 but i have and aftermarket header so i dint care the jetiing is miner adjust the fuel screw my bike popps when real cold and when its like 30 degress it fine they exhuat sound nice and throaty but not louder than stock maybe 1 decible louder thats it better throttle response and a little more pull on top when and 642 mx is right again the stock pipe is free flowing the header is the restrctive part of the system if u look in the jardine and the stock there built almost exact good luck

hey thanks for the help, i guess im just gonna mess around with the fuel screw untill i get it right

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