2000 wr 400 running hot

I had a slight melt down and have since patched the radiator and replaced the oil seals behind the impeller, changed the oil and replaced the coolant. There is no more water leaking anywhere but it seems to heating up pretty guick just at idle. It seems like the exhaust pipe is where it get hot first, obviously but it gets red hot in a few mins. The water pump cover is pretty hot to the touch after a few min at idle also. Should the water pump be getting that hot that quick.

I did break half a fin off the impeller but there is still 5 good ones left (problem?). The left radiator is kind of bent up but seems fin now that it is patched, (problem?). The impeller shaft seemed straight with some blackening. The bearing was fine and it spun when i tested it by turning it over. The coolant is pretty warm so I know its circulating.

Any thingelse that I could be checking out?????

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