2007 Ergos

Is it me, or does the new bike seem smallish? Perhaps it's an optical illusion, but it looks like anyone over 5' 10" is gonna be cramped. My '05 isn't the roomiest bike, but it looks like they've shrunk it even more. I've been off mine for some time and riding my ginormous VTX, so maybe I'm just not used to it. Perhaps someone who's 6' or more and has made the move to aluminum can chime in. I'm just curious...y'know I love you tin foil boys :ride:...SC

I'm a 6 footer, have the bars in the rear position, and have plenty of room. I used to run a tall saddle and Fastway low-boy pegs on my KTM exc, but I don't feel the need to on this new machine.

Gone Blue!


at last you have converted and seen the Yamaha light


Thanks to the weather, and other issues, I have only been able to sit on the bike in my garage and make realistic engine sounds. But it sure seems cramped to me. I'm 6'4" though. I did post about adding taller risers. From the small amount of feedback I got, it sounds like simply adding taller Pro-Taper risers is not possible. If not, I will be looking for other solutions FAST. No way I could stand up and ride this thing.

I never had both bikes at the same time, but this bike seems WAY smaller than my XR400.

And I don't believe SC loves us... Not for one minute! :ride:

Im 6 foot, and have the bars in the forward position at +2 setting. Ergos are great, bike feels light with plenty of room.

Hmmm.... Maybe I'll just order the Pastrana bars and see how that feels before I get all silly about finding risers.:ride:

And I don't believe SC loves us... Not for one minute! :ride:

It's a platonic kind of man-love. Just open your mind and relax. It won't hurt......much...SC

My brains are in my ass, so if I open my mind... SIGH.... :ride:

Be gentle....:ride:

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