Trick Dual Sport Installed

Just installed one of Dale's kits on my 06 WR. Wanted to use my stock headlight so after discussing this with him I learned that he had already done the set-up on a new WR450 for Malcolm Smith's Yamaha shop, all he needed was for me to send him my stock headlight assembly. Turn around time was extremely fast, in and out of Dale's shop the same day, can't beat that. The install took me about 3 hours, I figure if I were to do it again I could do it in two. Now I need to fab up a plate holder and plate light and it's off to get it inspected. I figure if all goes well I will have a plate on it by next weekend.

Highly recommend a Trick Dual Sport to anyone considering dual-sporting their WR.

How much did that kit end up costing you? Did it include hi/low beam, turn signals, brake light and horn?

I've heard that TDS has the best dual-sport kits, but I don't like the look of the headlight that the kit usually comes with. It'd be awesome to save a few bucks and use the stock headlight

How much did that kit end up costing you? Did it include hi/low beam, turn signals, brake light and horn?

I've heard that TDS has the best dual-sport kits, but I don't like the look of the headlight that the kit usually comes with. It'd be awesome to save a few bucks and use the stock headlight

I'm not sure what year WR's come stock like this, maybe the 04 and newer?? My stock headlight already had a hi/low beam headlight, just did not have the ability to toggle between the two. Additionally, my bike had a dual filament bulb in the tail light allowing for both the taillight and brake light, just didn't have the pressure switch to activate the brake light. With the kit comes the TDS control unit (in my case mounted to my stock headlight assembly), a horn, front turn signals with mounting brackets, handlebar switch, rear brake master cylinder pressure switch, wiring harness, and rear flush mount turn signals (I chose flushmounts, you can also get the t/s as used on the front if your like - I didn't want the Mickey Mouse ears look). The kit also comes with great instructions, zip ties and tubing to heat shrink around your connections for a water tight seal.

I have some pics I'll post of the bike Dale did for Malcolm's shop showing the headlight set-up. You can save a few bucks by using your stock headlight (as long as it has hi/low beam bulb). I'm with you on the looks of UFO headlight assembly, but it works too.

It looks like I don't have those pictures saved of the WR kit using the stock headlight. I'll take some pics of mine tomorrow in the daylight and post them, you'll be able to see how I mounted the rear flush mount signals.

Yup, all WR450's have dual filaments in the rear and hi-low beam headlights. I was just wondering how much you saved by using your stock headlight. I was planning on going with LED flushmounts (real cheap in my sportbike catalogs.) Thanks for the info.

I too vouch for Dale at TrickDualSport. His kit works perfectly the first time. He even went "way" out of his way to help me when I installed it wrong and screwed up everything.

I don't think that the kit looks bad, but it is a little different.

Got the WR plated today, now it is street legal...revised title should arrive in about 4 weeks :censored::ride:

Here is what Dale did for me, I am very happy with the results. :applause: The headlight is great, solid and reliable.

My race bike has a plate and I never have to take off the kit!

You can barely see the turn signals here...very solid, my mounts, Dale customized the length and made all the connections waterproof.

The kit is nicely tucked and off center, allowing for visibility of enduro equipment when mounted and use of kit.



But where is your headlight?

These show the headlight and turn signals a little better. The TDS integrates the stock shroud and takes advantage of the Hi/Lo bulb that comes with the WR. It keeps the stock look and is very bright.

These pics were from a Death Valley dual sport ride I did with my dad.

Forgive my ignorance but what is meant by Dual Sporting?

Two sports: On-road and off-road.

How much money do you save by utilizing the stock headlight? That's what I'd like to do too. I might just have to make my own kit.

Ok cool Thanks.

So obviously not all bikes came out with lights etc.



As far as money savings check with Dale at Trick Dual Sport or Baja Designs if you choose them. It is probably cheapr but my decision was not financial, I just really liked how bright my stock light was. My stock light is much better than the UFO headlight.

I would recommend against building your own kit. I did this for my first dual sport project (a used 1985 XR 600). I did learn a lot and built my own rectifier with parts from radio shack. Over the years I got lost of spare parts and free technical service from Baja Designs. I even spoke with Al Roach directly and he helped me greatly on fixing up my homemade kit. For my next two bikes an 88 XR 600 and an XR400 I used a Baja designs kits. It just was not worth it to build my own.

The trick dual sport kit uses a circuit board for most of the wiring and will be much more compact and reliable. The Baja designs kit will be more reliable than building your own.

Good luck

Unless you have a WR450- Spending $400 + is a waste of money. The kits are nice, but I just dual sported my 06 WR450 for $180, total; and I got 2 brake switches, LED signals, bar switch, two mirrors, horn, license plate bracket and all the electrical stuff like flashers and relays. If you have money to burn, go buy an out of the box kit- WR450's dont need all that extra stuff those kits come with.

That's what I was thinking. I know there are a few people on here who have built there own kits with great results. One guy told me his cost $100, but that was with only one hydraulic switch and incandescent turn signals. Do you have a wiring diagram for yours?

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