I just finished putting my big red pig back together after a year on the operating table. Put the Full HRC Kit plus some other goodies from XR'S Only. IT's a damn Gorilla now, Scared me today out in desert wells. Running a little hot, not too bad. After breaking in for an hour or so, I changed the oil and filter and took it out for a couple of 50 or so mile loops. I think it's runnin a little lean with the new cam, piston, and valves. Head pipe got some purple in it and it smelled hot, didn't pop like it was hot. Water wetter, new rad cap ??? Start richening it up to plugs foul an then back off ? God What a Rush at 90 MPH with still some right twist left.

From the sounds of what its doing for you , It must be a XR650R.

:ride: :ride:

Sounds like fun



Sorry Guys, Its an 03 Xr650R. Did the uncorking and some suspension work, then blew it up after two years of hard riding. Think it was a chain guide that went first. I live in south east phoenix az and ride mostly long stretches of desert. Had the jetting perfect before all the mods. Now it seems I have to start from scratch again. I guess the head flows alot better now because it seems to be running lean. Bad news is with the new 4.3 tank, can't ride a little and pop the plug to take a look. Gotta pull the seat, tank to get to it. Guess I'll just experiment

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