Part configuration

A few questions for the experts...

1) Will a 2000 WR400 head fit on a '99 YZ400 cylinder?

2) Will a 2000 WR400 cylinder fit on a '99 YZ400 lower end?

Thanks in advance for the help...

yes everything should match up pretty well. If you want to make sure just see if the numbers crossover through a yamama parts catalog

Part numbers don't always tell the whole story. The WR head may have (or be missing) one extra threaded hole and thus get a different part number. Often, if you compare the PN's of the associated stuff such as gaskets, head bolts, etc., you can get an idea from that.

Thanks for the input... Anyone else out there with some info I'm still interested in hearing what my options are.

I have a 98' 400F and I used a 2000 WR head when I rebuilt it. The only modification that I had to do was drill the hole for the hot start valve. You can purchase the brass tube for the hose and just press it in. I put the YZ cams and caps back in. It's been running great. Still have the WR Cams if anyone would want to buy them. Good luck.

I put the YZ cams and caps back in.
By "caps" I hope you mean lifters, and not the cam caps that form the upper half of each cam bore. These must never be mixed between heads.

yamaha parts manuals online. check out your parts there. I have learned alot form checking out part numbers of different bikes on there. seems allot of parts interchange even from model to model, over the last 10 years

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