Part number help needed (want a challenge?)

Ok, XR650R. Looking at the rear fender from the back of the bike. On the left there are 2 identical bolts holding the fender in place, stacked verticaly. On the right, there is 1 that screws into the end of the subframe behind the exhaust can. Follow me?:ride:

I'll owe my firstborn to anyone who can give me the correct number for that silly bolt on the right. Looking at the "REAR FENDER" fische page I *think* it's #10 "BOLT, FLANGE (6X20)" but need to know for sure.:ride:

It fell out of my new '07 with less than 2 miles on it and I'm having the dealer get me one. They're trying to be cute and make me dig up the part number. Grrrrr!:ride:



Thanks. Now where in the heck did you find it? I want to learn from my mistakes... :ride:

just took mine apart and saw it was the same as the top bolt on the left, part number is for the bolt on the left. neither frame or fender parts schema shows the bolt on the right.

Duh. Never thought of that. :ride:


Welcome to TT, That sounds like your typical Honda dealer crap, we have your money already so why should we have to do the research? Sounds like Arlington Honda! or any Honda shop in the USA! What ever happened to customer service? I think it fell down with the twin towers! :ride:

Now you gotta give up your first born to XR4DEZ!

Naw, just come out for a ride sometime.

Ya i agree with the honda dealer crap. They are pretty bad that way. I had a brand new rubicon and the battery failed within weeks they said "its a maintenance part" and wasn't covered .I said "if u dont replace this battery i am going to throw it through your f@#cking head"....They did replace it

Yeah, I've had to use the subtle approach as well.

Naw, just come out for a ride sometime.

I'll be able to do that before handing off a kid. Can't afford the little critters. It would take too much $$$ out of my toy budget... :ride:

Seems the dealer *IS* going to mail me (I'm 65 miles away) the missing bolt and a new dipstick. Seems "someone" had forced it in and bend it all to heck when filling the oil during prep. I've found 3 other large bolts that were loose, not to mention the handle bars were only finger tight (no way the torque was checked). Of course it wasn't any of the finely trained folks at the dealer.

Now, the bend radiator fins are another matter. I noticed them when slipping the Clarke in place. There are many more bent on the right rad than the left as one of the fittings for the smog pump was installed incorrect and it was pressing into the fins. What's that? You didn't know all 07's have smog gear? Yep.

Needless to say I'll be calling American Honda on the bent fins as the dealer doesn't seem motivated to address it. Sure it's just cosmetic, but for a $6000 dirt bike I expect better assembly quality.:censored:

Loctite those fender bolts and do the front ones while you're at it.

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