XR600 Supermoto sprockets - where to buy from

I have a 40t aluminum from sprocketspecialists, but where can I find steel or "stealth' alum/steel sprockets in the smaller tooth range? I do lots of freeway so 14/40 is what I decided on based on the 4strokes.com gearing calculator.

You can get a 40 steel from JT. I've not seen anything smaller. If you want to gear it out more, put a 15 on the front.

40t is fine, 15t up front is too big because you cannot use a case saver which I like having "just in case."

JT doesnt seem to have a 40t on their website BTW:


Honda XR600 R USA

1991 to 2000

Front Sprocket: JTF 1309.14

Rear Sprocket: JTR 301.48

Recommended Chain: : 520 / 110

Front sprocket available in: 13, 14, 15 teeth

Rear sprocket available in: 45, 48 teeth

Any recommendations on retailers to visit?

I saw the 40 tooth listing at bikebandit.com. If JT says that they don't make it, then I'd believe them, not bikebandit.

I'm pretty sure that XR's only makes a case saver for a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket.

Great, thanks for the link, they show all combos under the sun. I will try calling them. Im assuming this aluminum one I have right now will only last a few months. I dont feel like buying a new rear sprocket so frequently.

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