05,06 dampner fit o7 wr??

just wondering if i spring the cash for a dampner for my o5 wr450 will it fit a 07 into the future when i updat or will i have to buy a fitting kit again???

:ride: :ride: It depends which steering dampner you have. I have a GPR and I purchased a Scott mounting bracket and it fits perfect. The 05 & 06 WR450 have steel frames while the 07 has Aluminium. The mounting bracket for a YZ450F '06 also fits the WR '07.




Buy the scotts damper, all you need to change is the frame bracket when you buy a new bike. These things last forever.

Yup all you will need is a frame bracket which are usually less than 100 bucks. Hit up the TT Store they can get it for you. :ride:

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