XR's only header

thinking of adding a XR's only stainless header to my XR650L, I am running a WB E2 pipe with stock header now, runs great! bike is completely uncorked and rejetted - but stock header remains - just wanted to run it by you guys for reccommendations, don't wana loose anything with the XR's only header. I have heard you do - unless other mods are made. I really like the looks of the XR's only header over the stock one.

You wont lose anything other than a rust making piece of pipe! You will gain mostly on the bottom, but really all across powerband! Do it they are the best made and engineered headers/exhaust for the XR L model!

but ya know I was talking to XR's only yesterday and they said that to sue the ehader with another pipe that you may have to use a pipe spreader to make it fit. I don't wana do that so I opted or for an IMS tank and graphics instead. I like the stock tank but it does not give you much range.

Ive got both the xr's header and stainless exhaust. It's a little louder than I wanted, but I can change the tip for that. Ditto the increase mostly in the bottom end, but a little more all the way through the curve

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