looking for black plastic for my 06 XR650L

so ive been searching all over this site and the web and all i can come up with is a tank and front fender..are there any black side body pieces for the L model...can anyone help me find these parts?:ride:

xr's only do them for the xr650r they might do them for the L give them a try :ride:

There's NO black side panels for the L, you gotta paint the stock ones with Krylon Fusion or put vinyl over them.

Polisport makes a front "Motard" fender that looks sweet and comes in black, they also make a "Universal MX fender" available in black that you can make work on the L. Headlight surround must also be painted. The Plastics can be bouch Cheap in the ThumperTalk store.

FWIW Maier makes black sidepanels for the XR600R and if you loose the battery box you can use those.

Best way to do the sidepanels is with black number plate background, nice and thick and will hold up to some abuse, where paint of any kind will scratch and peel.

i just used some krylon and it looks good.

Rhino line them? Line-X?

Rhino line them? Line-X?

you just gave me an idea..you konw of that stuff you can dip tools into and it leaves a thin rubber shell? Im gonna give that a try...thanks for the brain boost:bonk:

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