Rekluse Z-Start Pro

Anyone try the new Z-Start Pro yet? I had the regular setup with the perch adjuster on a CRF 250 and liked it. I just got the Pro model from a guy on Ebay for my YZ450F. I Don't know when I'll have a chance to install it. Let me know how hard the install was. I never removed a clutch basket before.


The install is not hard at all (assuming you got instructions with your clutch) and access to an impact wrench (to remove the basket).

I installed mine a couple of weeks ago and have been very impressed.

Good luck.

do you know if is possible tune z-start with the missing parts of the pro-type ?

I getting ready to pull the the trigger and buy the new z-start pro so if anybody has it, please tell me what your you think of it.


I installed the Z-Start Pro on my 07 KTM 300 XC-W a few weeks ago and it was very straightforward. The only thing I can compare it to would be the Rev-loc clutch on my 96 CR250 and it was easier to install than that. I was missing the tuning chart which tells you which spring and how many balls to run for your riding style and Rekluse e-mailed it to me within hours on a Sunday. Customer service gets an A+ in my book, definitely a class act. The recommended set up was perfect for me and this product works exactly as Rekluse claims it does. It sure is nice being able to override the clutch above 1/2 of both worlds. Would I buy another one? Just as soon as the 08 525 XC-W comes out!:censored:

I installed mine yesterday. It was very easy, a lot easier than the regular Z-start, and you don't need the perch adjuster.

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