WR400 Exhaust

I have just purchased a White Brothers E Series exhaust for my WR400. I was after an exhaust that made a nice noise and once fitted was not disappointed. In fact I had to add all the metal plates to quieten it down as it had ear bleading potential.

Has anyone experienced this pipe? What do you think?

I have yet to ride the bike as I am waiting for my new Talon wheels, so it would be nice to hear anyone's views.

At a minimum you are going to have to adjust your fuel screw out to atleast two turns. The E-series leans out the beast tremendously. If you haven't already, contact NHKEVIN, for a Kouba Tool. Greatest device known to the thumper world for carb adjustment. If you go more than two turns on the FS you will need to go up 1 on the pilot jet. I'm running the same configuration as you....see my settings below.

By the way: 7 disks are recommended to take full advantage of the powerband...12 disks open up the pipe and actually make it louder. I'm using 12 because I like it LOUD.

Bonzai :)

It is a little loud compared to others, but makes good to great power. I purchased the header also and am pleased with the results. It responds well to disk changes but at least 3 either way to make it noticable. Iam running 10 disks, it gives me the low end I like plus acceptable top end also.


Franky Boy, are you planning on selling your stock WR Muffler?

:) Tell me your not running ALL 12 disc's???? You must be breaking windows!! LOL

I put a quiet core in mine, with only 7 discs in as it was TOOO loud!

The more discs...the louder it is, but a top piece of kit! :D

Hi Olson_jr,

I never even thought of selling the stock pipe. It has a few dents in it, Taffy who I bought it off obviously had a few offs on the bike.

I am based in the UK, just outside west London. Make me an offer


I've run this whites pipe on my WR400 and now my 426 with a whites header pipe and all the disks installed and the bike starts and runs perfect awsome power and noise, can't see why it needs the fuel screw altering or re jeting

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