Oil on the dump tube (06 450)

Hey Guys

Just wondering if you guys experience the same thing. My bike always spews a bit of oil from the dump tube(I'm not sure exactly what that tube is called) every moto. Not a lot, maybe a few drops every moto, enough to get half of the top of my stand all oily by the end of the day. So its not enough to scare me and go top it off w/ oil or anything, but none of my other 4 strokes did this before. not sure if this is important, but i live on So Cal, and ride only tracks. I bought the bike brand new

Thanks guys

Are you talking about the black hose that runs down the left side of your bike? If so that is a crank case breather hose. The only time i've ever noticed anything is when I've added a little too much oil, that seems to be the bikes way of getting rid of it.

Hopefully Greyracer reads your post, he is extremely knowlegable when it comes to crap like this.

It's normal to blow a little oil out of the crankcase breather (especially since the one on the YZF has no baffle in the cam cover). But it will get worse if you are in the habit of overfilling.

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