First oil change!

Okay so FNG rookie #44,245,331 here. I love this site and all the endless info here, thanks to all the vets and newbies for making a wonderful place for everything we could ever need. Now onto the nitty gritty...

I recently bought an 05 YZ 450 off the showroom floor. Did my pre-ride checks and such. Took the bike out for a little while (2 hours?) for a break-in. Washed it, put it in the garage and took it out again 2 days later for another break-in period (1 hour). Im now cleaning the air filter and changing the oil. My question is, I find the manual a little hard to interpret while changing the oil. I made it through and am wondering the importance and process for cleaning the "oil strainer". All the manual said was remove and clean. I may be dummy but what exactly are they telling me to do here? Really I only have maybe 3 hours on the bike and the oil that was drained was pretty clean and had very little metal flakes. Would the strainer be another place for these little guys to hide? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Others may know the signficance of the oil strainer and can really tell you if its a big deal or not. I'll resort to personal experience since I have no idea why you need an oil strainer and an oil filter on the old steel frame YZFs.

I had a brand new 04 and I too followed the instructions in the manual like a good owner and removed the oil strainer as part of my first oil change. That was the last time I did it. It adds a lot more hassel to something you'll be doing a lot of and as far as I can tell I did the bike no harm by not faithfully cleaning it. I rode the bike hard for a year and 1/2 and never had a single engine related issue. Of course I changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and all the other routine stuff, but I never touched the strainer except for that first oil change.

Here's the deal. The strainer only needs to be inspected under two circumstances, IMO. Once when the bike is new (or new to you), because you never know what be in there, and the other when something breaks, or you had the engine apart. Beyond that, it makes no more sense to regularly inspect that screen the to split the casses and inspect the one in a wet sump engine.

If you do remove the strainer, remove the oil line from the engine first, then from the strainer fitting, then, using a properly fitting 25mm six point socket, and someone to hold the bike, crank the fitting out.

Two other items to avoid that the manual advises you to do:

Don't bother draining the oil line except when removing it to clean the strainer. It's not worth the wear on the fitting, seal, or threads.

Don't use the lower bolt in the oil filter cover to drain the filter well. This encourages metal debris from the filter well to run through the bolt hole threads, where they will damage the threads when the bolt is reinserted, and also lets that same contaminated oil run back to the crankcase. Instead, remove the top two bolts first, then remove the lower one and allow the filter oil to drain out the side.

Thank you both. After today I think I will follow the advise gray mentione and nottouch it agin till someting breaks. Thanks again!

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