05 WR450 fuel tank

Hey folks,

I had a bit of a dismount on my 05 450 and cracked the fuel tank around the middle mount nut for the radiator cowl, Yamaha want £395 (about $750) for a new tank, i dont want to get a bigger tank as i use the bike on the motocross track, i called a local breaker and he has an 03 tank, will this fit and if not what are my options? plastic welding? chewing gum? run the tank half empty? it needs fixed as the fuel drips onto the hot exhaust!!



Get an aftermarket tank! they are about $200 US. I have the 05 also and would like a little larger tank and still have a small feel. I think the YZ tanks will fit also.


I find this website good for doing comparisons between years for parts. Ie: wheels. I looked but they don't have a 2005 WR450 listed but they do have 2003, 2004 & 2006 listed, all with different Pt No's. I would suggest checking an aftermarket fuel tank company such as Acerbis, Clarke, IMS & Safari (Aqualine) & see if they list different tanks for different years.


That may be of help.

Cheers from Oz :censored:

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