xr600 & ricky stator

Ok, so I'm helping a friend replace his stock stator on a 1986 XR600 with a new ricky stator unit. After installing it, no spark or light (while kicking) I know the wiring is connected right. I found another thread about the same problem, but didn't say how to correct it. I called ricky stator today but their tech was already gone. Any suggestions?

A couple of other things: the new stator has what appears to be 2 ignition coils, the stock has only one. And they don't appear to be in the same location as the original.

The instructions said to connect a green wire from the stator to the white/yellow wire on the bike. There isn't a white/yellow on this bike, just a blue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have to get this thing running!

I just installed the same one in my 87 a couple weeks ago. You have to do some detective work when doing it. PM me with a phone # and I'll call while looking at mine. It works great after hooking up and I got a 55w headlight also.

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