650L soft luggage manufacturers

I used to have a bunch of manufacturers bookmarked but I lost them. Can someone post some links for some companys that make soft luggage for dualsports or the 650L in particular? The search feature doesnt seem to be working. Thanks, chewwy

Ahh, I found it, dirt bagz is what I was looking for. Gotta get the old pig out of the garage and ready for spring!


try www.chaseharper.com , dirtbagz.com , wolfmanluggage.com ... theres about a zillion of them but my bookmarks are too screwed up to find them all. hope it helps a little :ride:

Don' forget tourmaster. They make decent stuff.

I 2nd the wolfmanluggage.com

I 2nd the wolfmanluggage.com

Do you have any of their bags on your bike? You wouldnt mind sending me a few pics if you do would you? :ride:

I have the wolfman beta rear saddle and seat bag with their enduro tank bag,couldn't be more happy with them.

Wolfman make the best offroad luggage around IMHO.

I've never seen any of these bags in person. Why do you guys like the wolfmann bags so much?

They are designed for offroad and super durable. You can also get them in the new waterproof Expedition version. Eric at Wolfman is a great guy and I have yet to read where anyone was disappointed with his customer service and product quality.

I have several of his bags and wouldn't get ride of them for anything else.





Thanks Jeff for the great pics. I got to thinking....I should have asked who makes great bags and has good customer service. Customer service is so very important. Im gonna give them a call next week (wolfman) and see what they can set me up with. Is that africa twin sitting in your drive in KY? If so where did you acquire it? I've wanted one of those since I discovered them a year ago. Thats one badass bike....damn drool on my keyboard, whoops

Hey Jeff@thequad shop--is that your 650l in the snow with the hand warmer bar set-up?-------if so,what year is your "L"?. Is the hand warmer thang wolfman stuff???.

Its a 1992 XR600R and ya its mine. The hand mitts came from Tucker Rocky and are listed for ATV's. For the life of me I can't remember what brand they are (maybe PolarTech). They aren't Wolfman but that is something he should start making! :censored:

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