Which Michelins for SE/ Central PA

Hey guys,

I am pretty well sold on the Michelin Starcross tires, but I was wondering if anyone that is running them prefers the soft/int tire or the hard for this area of Pa.

2006 yz450 needs some bite up front and I have heard great things about the starcross front tires.

Any comments

Before you buy (unless you already have), I recommend trying the Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front, and the Pirelli MT-16 on the rear. This combo was recommended by the guy who moderates the off-road riding forum, and he's a 7 or 8 time National enduro champ.

I've been using this combo in Delaware, New Jersey, and in Pa. with great success on sand, dirt, hardpack, Shale, coal dust, and an MX track that goes from loamy to hardpack..it works great.

Besides, if you buy the rear from Pirelli right now...they have a deal where you can get the front Scorpion Pro for free (you have to pay $ 15 for shipping though) Still an awesome deal on a great combo. I used to use a Dunlop 756 up front, and that would sometimes be scary on corners, up in the Coal areas. Since switching to the Scorpion Pro, it sticks way better.


I will check it out. I used the pirelli free front promo on my sport bike last year, what a great deal.

I appreciate your feedback.


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