Has anybody got an fmf Q4 yet?

I have the Q and it don't seem that quit.It's louder than stock.

Stock is 90db. You won't get any quieter than stock...... :thumbsup:

I have the FMF factory 4 and wasted time and money :thumbsup: with that damn quiet packing and the quiet insert on the pipe. FMF gladly sold it to me. I race D37 and it consistently blow 98.5 with the $80 of stuff I wasted packing into it. I need to be at 96 or below to guarantee I can race.

The Q4 is probably the way to go.

btw... I worked the sound check at a race in Sept. The yamaha 450's were by far the loudest damn bike out there. Ktm's are by far the quietest 4 strokes.

thanks, I think that sells me on the q4.

Put a Q4 on my 07 all free mods and JD jetting and bike rips

how's the q4 vs stock for power/sound?

Also what jets/needle setting are you running with it?


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