Anyone try a Scary Fast powershot??

The accelerator pump cover. Just wondering if it's hype or does it really work? Their website said it really does work,,,,well duh.

You're kidding right? That's almost like asking if anyone here rides dirt bikes. Try a search...SC

hey SC

it was a very simple question summit asked. i have read the archieves and interested in new comments and reviews. :ride: :ride: :ride:

My bad! I apologize. I thought he was asking about the Boyesen Quickshot, which has been discussed ad nauseum on every single forum in TT and every industry magazine for the past 3 years. The Scary Fast version is new, but I've not heard anything about it, per se. I'd imagine it functions the same with the same type of improvement over the standard Keihin, though YMMV.

Again, my bad. Being a mod has its ups and downs, what else can I say :ride:...SC

Hey SC, you live in Reno??? Do you race MRANN, lets go ride, I don't mind a moody bitch. It's supposed to rain the next three days, Moonrocks. Jeff S 775-722-6265


So there's nobody that has tried a Scary Fast Powershot AP cover?

So there's nobody that has tried a Scary Fast Powershot AP cover?

I guess Ive got to get out more. I never heard of the scary fast one, just the regular one.

The latest issue of dirt bike has a KX250F they put it on and they said it was the best thing for the bike, increased the bottom end and throttle response according to them.

I think I will get one for my bike soon.

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