650L handlebars for touring

I'm six foot tall and need a set of bars that will allow me to tour this summer on my L. Mostly weekend rides putting on maybe 200-250 miles a day. The stock bars stink for this. As of right now Im too hunched forward for comfortable touring. Theres too many choices out there and I dont have a local dealer that stocks anything. Where do I start??

Pro-Taper KX-HI (Taperwall with the Adapter) this should get you higher than stock, and still use the stock cables. I'm 6'1" and do 300-400 mile days often and it's a fine set up for me. Search protaper on here and you'll see some set-ups.

Flubber I just went through this same thing! I had already had 1 inch risers, but still not tall enough. I am 6'5. This is the most inexpensive way to do it, and the tallest you can go with stock cables. On ebay you can buy risers for I think 40 bucks. Also on ebay if you search the stores you can buy tag cr double high bend for 40 bucks. Buy a new set of grips, and there you go! Believe me when I say that is the cheapest, I searched. Good luck!

Thx guys, I so wish someone around here had an L with some different bars on it. Im super picky about my setup and dont feel like spending money on bars and not being able to send them back. Anyone here with an L and from the badger state??

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