wanted tank and shrouds

If anyone has a WR tank and shrouds for sale let me know. I would be interested in buying a spare set. Must be in excellent condition.

i have set with new graphics i have shrouds with matching graphics.ill sell seat,tank,shrouds for $135

Sure Freebie...

Take away a good deal for me :D

Hey Freebie,

Do you want to get in on this Kouba thing?

I am officially retiring from the Kouba Distribution for ThumperTlaker's Inc. :)


Do you have pictures? If they look good I will take them. Email me at dirtnut67@yahoo.com

I also have a seat and tank for a 99. I was going to keep it but.........



I think you are looking for a WR tank huh dirtnut?

Freestlye111 is yours not an acerbis tank?

Talk to NH Kevin if you are actually looking for a WR tank.



Can I ask what is wrong with a Clark tank. Do they not fit?

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