06 Yz clickers

Need some help used search option but i could not find any help. Need to know what you guys are running clicker wise for mx and trail.

Novice 160lb , 06 Yz 450f , I have set sag, what are you guys running clicker wise?? I am close on mine but am hoping someone has dialed it in and I can start there. Stock aint cuttin it.I ride trail usually but am switching over to track. Thanks This Message Board Kicks a%$

I weigh 125, and before I got my suspension done, I did as my suspension guy told and went 16-18 out on compression and 6-8 out rebound front and rear. It was night and day difference, much better than stock. I recently set up the suspension the same way for my friends new 450 and he weighs 160 he said it was waay better and you could tell just by watching the bike on the track. I dont know if you go to any races, but at most big mx races they have a few suspension guys in the pits who will set up your bike for free.

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