i need help

can you get a auto decompression cam for a 2001 yz426

my friend did his and I could swear that he used a 450 cam in his to get rid of the decompression lever...I'll check with him and get back to you.

i used 03 450 cam works good the power hits much harder and starts much easyer.

I just got one on ebay........its the same for the yz400 and 426 check ebay they are 134.99 for auto decomp cam from HOTCAMS


just make sure they send you the EXHAUST and not the INTAKE they send me intake when i bought exhaust i had to return it to them and now im just waiting on it......but they were good about it....

can you get a auto decompression cam for a 2001 yz426

i bought mine with the cam in it and it makes starting alot easier. most people do it as their first mod to a yzf400 or 426.

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