Message for Taffy

Hi Taf,

Scott here, the new owner of your old WR. Been out 3 times now, the latter being the most exciting. The bike really is an animal and I have fallen totally in love with it.

I have however had to leave it in the garage for the last 2 weeks as the back wheel has almost fallen apart. I have given the wheel to a wheel builder and he says that every single spoke was loose and I am lucky to still be here. Its a coincidence as I was considering ordering a set of blue rims to brighten the bike up a little, I have since ordered these and can't wait to get out this weekend.

The website is great, some good ideas and some interesting chat.


Ps. You wouldn't recogsnise the old girl.


pleased to hear that you like it and sorry about the rear wheel, thank god my last two rides were green laning although i did do some wheelie popping roadwork to set the APJ level that you can presently see is all the rage here.

i hope you have better luck and keep involved here.

Taffy have a coupla thousand buring a hole your pocket. Whatcha going for at the end of the day or are youi waiting for less inclement weather before taking the plunge ???

it was husey, husey, husey er... husey!, errrr husey mmmm? get my drift?

i'd like that first but they're unobtainable second hand and now i'm looking around just incase.


ktm400=too expensive for a poor man like me.

i'd like to see the first report on the gas gas 400f but i like piddling with carbs and it's got IE!

i've enjoyed carbing this bike that much and they're so reliable i just don't know!

i daren't say WR426! having said that i've had problems with my work which will give me more time to get fit so....!!


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