Wrf450 2004 Australia

What is the grey wire mod that everyone is talking about ?

USA models only!:censored:

USA models only!:censored:

Jeez, I wonder what that grey wire did that I undid then. Do you mean that the 04 models dont have it? On the 05 I have seen photos of it under the tank on the left hand side and on my 06 it is on the RHS. It's in a 6 pin connector plug. Pull the wire out by pressing in a pin to release it and plug the hole with silicone.

I am not sure when Yamaha decided to make the world bike the same for all countries may have been 05 or 06 but I think in 04 we still had the USA special with gray wire.:censored:

my 03 had the grey wire

So what does the grey wire actually improve on the bike?

USA models only!:censored:

sorry indy ... i've done 03's, 05's and 06's here in AUS ... my 05 has it permanantly disconnected after the initial evaluation (2 minute) period !!


From the archives of TT:

The USA 2003 WR250F/450F comes with the gray wire from the CDI connected to ground. All the other country WR250F/450Fs have this wire disconnected. There are two different maps (spreadsheets) in the WR/YZ bikes. One is for the YZ and is selected if the gray wire isn't grounded. The other is for the WR and is selected if the gray wire is grounded. With the gray wire connected an alternate ignition-timing map is used. The WRF map retards the timing at the mid and upper RPM so that the bike will run with the stock baffle and throttle limiter installed If you remove the baffle and alter the throttle stop you should also remove the grey wire. Most people do not like the alternate mapping and disconnect it, especially after doing the other free mods. Initially it was advocated to cut the wire, and many riders have. Most now advocate simply disconnecting the wire from the connector and taping it off with electrical tape.

Research shows that in 05 they started shipping all WR450s with the gray wire around the world most likely due to rising Euro emmision specs.

Thanks for the help everyone, I have checked the bike and it does have a grey wire and it is connected.

Where, my 04 doesn't have it.

post a pic of it please.

It is under the tank on the right hand side. Their are 2x6pin plug connecters and in the middle of the clear connecter their is a grey wire.

Did you notice any diff?

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