Sprocket Question - 07WR450

I find that gears 1-3 are way too short for the kind of riding I am doing: 70% street / 30% bush trails on Metzeler Enduro 3 tires. Thinking of going down on the rear sprocket to 47T or even 46T. All mods done so I have amazing power right now with w/ the 50T. Just looking to stretch the gears. My question is: how significant is the loss in power if I drop down 3 or 4 teeth? Basically, has anyone done this and wish they didn't? Thanks.

I would try a 15 tooth front sprocket first. It is perfect for dual sporting and street riding. Then if you want even more gap you can reduce the rear sprocket :censored:

I have been told that front is always better to adjust but Will I have enough space to increase the front by 1 tooth and still keep the guards?

Yes it should fit. I believe the motor is the same on the 07 as the 06 so the 15 tooth is an easy fit.:censored:

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