scuffed frame

just wondering if anyone knows of any types of solvents or cleaners that can be used to get scuff marks off of the frames on the o6 450's. it is pretty much just from my boots, and i know it will just get back on there eventuually. I am kinda a perfectionist though. any suggestions would be great.

A soapy scotch brite when washing works well.

SOS or scotchbrite pads when you wash it. I prefer the SOS b/c they have a soap in them made for metal that brings back the factory shine.

Easy fix is to use the scotchbrite like they said. Don't be afraid just scrub off the scuff marks with soap and water. If you are a perfectionist then you will have spend an extra 30 seconds each time you wash your bike doing it.

i've found brake cleaner to work well...slightly less of a shine over time but some mothers with elbow grease brings it back!

spray some brake cleaner on a rag and scrub

I have good results with scotchbrite/sos pad and WD40. Wipe off with papertowel. Easy.

PVC primer on a rag. Sounds crazy but it works.

I use softscrub with bleach and a rough sponge works pretty good for me!

I've heard that using SOS pads can leave small particles of steel in the aluminum causing rust spots. I'd stick with the scotch brite.

thanks for all the info guys. I went and rode three palms this weekend, and then watched the races at relient stadium. Not a bad way to spend your saturday. Anyway thanks again for the infor. I cleaned up the bike on sunday, and it looks great.

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