Big tank wanted in UK

Anyone got a large® capacity tank with the shrouds to sell or swap for the normal 2000 WR400 model in the UK?

The shrouds fit on both the '00 8 ltr tank and the 98/99 13 ltr tank. However, you will need the older seat to go with the bigger tank - the '00 seat will not fit with the 13 ltr tank.



Are there any after market tanks which fit with the same seat, or am I going o have to find both parts?

I presume the 98/99 tank is longer than the 00 then?


Not sure about the aftermarket tanks. I'm sure someone must have covered it if you check the archives.

Yes, the older tank comes a fair bit further back. I managed to pick up a tank / seat from a '99 model so that I now have the choice. Depends what type of riding you do, but I definately prefer using the 8ltr tank/seat as you can get much further forward. Keeps running out of fuel, though!!!


john have you tried the ims web site they should have somthing on there.couldnt help but notice your height ! i am 6ft 7ins and 16 stone nice to see i am not alone ! do you think we should start a new thread ? biggest bloke on a wr or something like that? :)

Sounds like a great idea.

I had a DR600 before the WR with jacked up suspension and lowered foor pegs. The height was great but it weighed in at 150Kg, which proved an issue in the deep Buckinghamshire mud.

I am a newbe with the WR, and I went out for my first ride on Saturday, and what a huge difference! I actaully managed to stay on it most of the day.

Good to hear there are other big guys around playing with these bikes.

john check out these posts nov 12/14 on lowered footpegs easy mod lowers pegs 12mm (just done mine

not rode it yet) :)

johnl, ive got a large tank and seat with the rad scoops that i will swap for yours. i am in south wales. if you are interested send me an e-mail. my address is


Thanks for the info. I will get my pegs sorted. And it appears I have got my tank and seat courtesy of Salty.

Thanks a million.


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