2004 yz450f

What do you guys think of the 2004 yz450f. Im thinking about buying one but im concerned about the 4 speed tranny. But also the whole bike in general. would just like some other opionions please!

my buddy just picked up a brand new leftover 04 and he loves it!

how does he feel about the 4 speed tranny?

If you only ride the track you will love the 4 speed!!! i raced a few hare scrambles with the 4 speed and it wears you out a little more than the 5 speed does. I just picked up an 07. It's nice to have an extra a gear but for me i don't think it's a huge deal. If you are a desert guy though you might think differently

I'd get it, and did ... I'm extremely happy with mine and got it for a price that couldn't be beat ... Found it as a leftover and upgraded from the yz250f ... The power is simply amazing, and the over-all package is just fantastic ... Just be sure to loose the stock tires and chain ... I personally think they were the only parts on the bike that were junk right out of the box ... About the tranny, I love the 4spd ... Took a bit of getting used to, but it suits me very well ...

I have an 03 with the 4 speed and an 06 with the 5 speed. Personally, I love the 4 speed and prefer it for MX. But, it's not really that big of a difference once you get use to it. :censored:

Yeah i race moto and that was my biggest concern was the tranny.. thanks for all the info guys i appreciate it. Ill post once i get it and tell you what i think about it.

The YZF 4 speed is a very nicely laid out transmission, and suffers from none of the gappiness that the RMZ or KXF gearboxes had. The way it's set up, you have a 1st gear that is overall fairly close to that on a 426 (or the new one) and 4th on the 4 speed falls roughly in between the 4th and 5th of the 5 speeds.

I run a 15/49 most of the time on my '03 (stock is 14/48), and it works out pretty well. The combo is a bit of a compromise, and requires a little extra clutch work when it gets tight, but it's not bad, really. Top speed is up around 85.

BTW: If you want, you can buy the complete 5 speed for a '03-'06 WR450 and drop it straight in place of the 4 speed. Doesn't make a great MX trans, but it's killer in the desert.

I have an 04 and I don't mind the 4 speed at all. I have only one worcs race with this bike, but I never felt like the transmission was a limiting factor. In fact at times it was an advantage. The gear ratio seems well balanced overall. Stock gearing is a little high for tight stuff though.

I ride a 05 450 which has a little trouble in the tight trails. I found swapping the front sprocket out from the stock 14 to a 13 is prefect for the tight stuff. This takes five minutes to swap depending where we plan to ride. The 13 is only good for slow tight stuff, and keeps my hand off the clutch lever.

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