1996 XR600R What's it Worth????

This guy is askin' $1100 for a 1996 XR600 he's the original owner but the bike isn't currently running. From the photos (not great) it doesn't look too abused but far from mint. It's not street tagged (but I probably can get it that way).

I'm thinking about offering him $800 for it?

Sounds like a deal to me!

Got photos?

Got photos?



a little ruff around the edges, but hey I smell project coming your way:thumbsup:

If the bike does have some major expensive issue, I bet you can make more than $800 parting the bike on ebay.

I paid $1600.00 for my 96. Check it out http:/www.putfile.com/cbaranski

Its still got stock steel bars and they bend when the bike falls over. I doubt its been driven to hard if its still got stock bars. I say DEAL and snag it before someone else does

Grab it ASAP... as long as the motor runs and a couple of hundred bucks more that bike could look like mine.


Or mine.....:censored:


My bike's a 95 not a 96 but basically the same.

It you can kick over the motor and it does have compression, I don't see why it would not run. New plug, carb rebuild, lets ride.......

okay now you've done it! I want one....

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