Where should I ride for one day in Phoenix?

I know every year I plan a trip to Phoenix then cancel. But this year I'm going for sure dammit!

My brother just built a house in Payson that I need to check out. So I hope to pack the blue rig into the pickup on Feb 27 and be down in Phoenix to ride for one day on 2/28. But I only have one day I can ride. So, where should I go?

I've been Mountain biking at Dynomite road and thought that would be a blast on my WR. What say? You know I LOVE those little Chola cactus in that area. Plus it's closer to Payson for the return trip home right?

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has any or knows of any GPS data on a good route, I have a GPS!




As a matter of fact, I just rode Pima & Dynamite for my first time yesterday. It is awesome with some very nice singletrack and a good mix of riding terrain. I tracked our loop on my GPS and would be very happy to share it with you. Email me at kknorr@qwest.net.

Better yet, check out http://ridingarizona.com/

There are some other very cool riding areas close to Phoenix. Post up your riding dates and you'll find some good folks to ride with. Mention that you are affiliated with TT (cool!) and that you ride in Colorado (way cool!) and I'm sure you will get the grand tour from some of the best singletrack riders around this area.

in the 80's that was known as Murphys trail, he had blazed a loop thru there on his ktm. it is a fun ride , havent been there in a years . there used to be a couple of sections that you could pick the mens or boys side, (degree of difficulty)and a couple of dropoffs . does it still exist ? the first section is easy to find. it is in scottsdale now. can you park there legally ? how about riding, is a permit required ?

Yeah, this is apparently quite a popular area these days. Quite a network of trails and the loop I was taken on did have "hero" sections with alternative "easy out" options. There is a staging area on the northeast corner under the powerlines. Nearer the staging area gets pretty busy with bikes, quads, mountain bikes and hikers/joggers. Further out it becomes more remote and not congested at all.

Unfortunately this area was designated for conservation last year and the City of Scottsdale has an option to buy it within the next several years. Being so close to the metropolitan area, it is destined for incorporation and development. There is no permit required and OHV use is still currently allowed. I would expect that it will experience "soil preservation" closure before too long as has happened with many similar areas in the Phoenix Valley.

This is kind of a bummer for those that find these areas convenient to where they live, however, Arizona is abundant with riding opportunities and still mostly friendly OHV relations with Forest Service, State Trust land managers, BLM, etc. In fact, one of our riding partners sunday mentioned some less well known single track right in Payson. I can see if I can find out more about that one since it would probably be most convenient for your Payson trip.

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If you want to ride with a group of guys that know the area, check out ST500's website "Arizona Trail Talk". It is a small great group of guys and gals, mostly from the Phoenix area. They will take you on some awsome rides. They regularlt ride the area you spoke of. I hope you do make it out, It would be nice to meet one of the famous moderators. http://www.singletracker500.com/cgi/YaBB/YaBB.pl

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I thought I'd throw a trail at ya, or two, since I've been riding in Phoenix for the past year. Depends on what you want, one trail that is technical and long is a trail from the Lake Pleasant to the town of Crown King. 36 miles and it takes you 2 hours. It's a tight jeep trail with lots of rocks and some good technical sections. Once in Crown King, have a burger and a beer and head back. Another trail I take is one with lots of natural whoops, twisty's and you can go on forever with lots of fast straights. I don't know if you are familiar with Phoenix or not, but it goes from the Bartlett Lake entrance to the 101 and 7th street, only having to cross a paved road twice. If you want more details, email me at stburchardi@hotmail.com, maybe i'll take you out. And a question for you, I'm from Fort Collins ( lived in Phoenix for the past two years) and would love to take a awesome trail out there when I come home to visit, know any?


just read your question again, and the second trail I mentioned is the same one you mentioned, at Pima and Dynamite rd, you just have to branch out by following the power lines, either head northwest or southeast from Pima and Dynamite.


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