426 regular maintaince??

for the vavles and checking them for the regular maintaince, do you have to take the head off or just the valve cover? i've only had my 426 for 4 days now and i read about checking valves or somthing for the regular maintaince or something. as you can tell im not too sure on what it is that im suppose to check:blush:. what is the regular maintaince on these bikes? could some one please give me a run-through on the maintaince especially for the valves? i f ihave to take the head off, how much work is that? thanks in advance:thumbsup:

If you don't have a owners manual or a maintenance manual, you should put that first on your list of things to get. They are a must for maintenacne. The orginal owners manual is a outstanding resource.

i have one but its on my computer, not in the garage, thanks for that link 624MX


One thing that has helped me keep track of maintenance intervals is an inductive hour meter (SenDec or the Dr.D SenDec meter.) they use the inductive current off of the spark plug's coil wire for power and are very durable. I have the Dr.D model and his mount on my 426. Check the TT store for this item. I use this for oil changes, valve clearance checks, brake fluid and suspension fluids changes. They are 29.95 for the basic hour/tenths of an hour model, and moving up for models with tachometers, minute/second recording that are available.

I like having this reminder for my maintenance, maybe it is just being an engineer that causes the anal retentive aspects of my personality to get into my riding:goofy:


thanks alot Bill. i have one question though, are they able to be reset so its eaiser for those intervals?

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