Valve Lifter Color Question??

Alright lets see who is smart cause I aint!

I am in the process oF dropping in a new piston. I noticed that my Valve Lifter/Valve buckets had some wear and my valves had some lips. I called my dealer and ordered new valves, seals and buckets. The parts guy asked What color buckets. Hmmmm I had no clue what he was talking about so I ran to my computer and pulled up the schematic and low and behold they have three different buckets. They offer Yellow, blue and black, each have a different part number.

Question, what is the difference??? I am assuming size but what should I use and how would I know?

Here is the part number and discription.


3FV-12153-10-00 5 $32.21


3FV-12153-20-00 5 $22.07


3FV-12153-00-00 5 $12.90

If memory serves, the buckets have certain thicknesses too, which is why the manual says they need to be placed back in their original location during adjustment. However, I don't know what the corresponding size is to the color. Take a look at the inside of the original buckets and see if there's a color marking on them. I seem to remember seeing marks the last time I changed out my shims. If so, order the same colors. If not, order 5 of each and you can play mix and match when you put it back together. Not a fun prospect, but I don't see an alternative unless someone knows the measurements...SC

I did find a thread in the YZ forum from 2001 that said they were colored for size and that they were standard, 10 over and 20 over but it did not say what color was what size.

I checked the inside of the bucket and I did not see any markings at all.

I would order five of each but they are $12, $22 and $31. The entire top end so far is going to cost me $800+. I should have sold the bike and bought a new one. Damit!:censored:

From looking at the part numbers, I'd bet money that the yellow is 10 over and the blue is 20 over. If you're overhauling the top end, I'd go with the black which is likely 0 over. I'm just hypothesizing here. Come to think of it, I'd give ProCircuit or MontClair Yamaha a call in the morning and see if you can pick their brains. Let me know what you find out and I'll stick it in the FAQ or Perf. Index. Best of luck :censored:...SC

Montclair Yamaha

Pro Circuit

Well, I ordered the black as a matter of fact. I was thinking the same thing as you. I was also going to call Yamaha Engineering in the morning to see what they say. I will let you know what I find out.

If anyone has any other information keep it coming. That is what makes this site so great.

There is a paint spot on the underside of each lifter. You may want to check what the old ones were before installing the black dot's. I'm not sure if the difference is the thickness or in the outer diameter. In the case of the later it might not be too good to put something different in.

I spoke with Yamaha today and they said that there should be a paint spot on the head somewhere. I will be looking later.

If you can't find it on the head pull one of the lifters and look on the inside cap.

The heads will be marked a certain color. One for the intake, one for the exhaust. This has to do with the diameter of the lifters. You need to match the lifter color to the "head color".

I just had to buy a new head and it came with blue/blue for the "head color". The markings were under the cam caps.

My old lifter buckets were pink/blue, and I had to order one blue intake (one was marred and I didn't want to put it back in).

I think the pink were only from the can't order pink lifters, only blue for that size. They are really the same size, though.

When you put the lifter in its "hole", you can immediately tell if it is correct or not.

P.S. I have a YZ250F but the mechanics of it are the same.

Thanks guys I did find a yellow dot inside one of the buckets. What a pain

Pink? Is it the buckets, or the head that is marked? I found this pic somewhere. Hope this helps...I'm gonna need the info someday too!



After another phone call I was told that each valve bucket should have a paint dot indicating what color to order. All of the dots should be the same color.

The pink color is on my original head in the same place as in picture 16 above. Inside the lifter buckets it is hard/impossible to see the pink color dot. For some reason the blue paint shows up much better (my exhaust lifters).

i really dont want to bring an old thread back to life, but i aswell dont want to spend $800+ to figure out which buckets i need, the head i got has NO colour markings on it, you wouldn't happen to remember anything about this from 2007? i've found that

i've got 1 bucket measured


-blue : .885









and still have to measure the head that it came out of, but i think the theory of "partnumbers relating to size" might be correct,



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