06 WR450 vs 07 TE510

Hello all, new to the forum and need some advice from you all. Have been lurking here for a while trying to make a decision between and 06 WR450 and a 07 TE510. Granted they are fairly different and a 450 vs 450 would be more of an apples to apples comparison but I have a chance to get a new 510 so may as well get the big dog if possible!!

Riding will be quite varied from wide open fire roads to tight and twisty forest. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and will ride there as well as out in the rocky mountains of BC. Previous bikes were 2 strokes (250’s) back in the late 90’s and then I went street bike racing for a few years. Very excited to get my hands on one of these new 4-strokes, they look like a riot and I’m sure the torque is going to put a big smile on my face!

My current dilemma is to buy the 06 WR450 for $6,500 or the 07 TE510 for $9,000 (Canadian $$). From the reviews I have read and talking with people, the TE is very highly rated and a dream to ride and work on but is it really worth an extra $2,500?? I’m not poor but I’m not rich either and $2,500 is a significant savings, especially around Valentines Day when I could get moocho brownie points by getting something nice for the wife. Having been off of dirt bikes for many years, not sure if I could appreciate all that the Husky has to offer and maybe the $2,500 is not worth it.

Please let me know what you all think about the 2 bikes.:censored:

No thoughts fellas?:censored:

I have an 06 WR450 and I love it, can't speak about the 510.

Unfortunately the husky dealer network in my area is very weak ..so no opinion there ... on the other hand I have never heard anyone say they have been disapointed getting a WR. My friends old 98' 400 is still going strong with just regular maintenance, which sold me on its reliability. they are very good bikes. I have owned many bikes and none have been as well rounded as my WR .

I think you answered your own question. Both bikes are great. There is no doubt that you'd enjoy both.

But you are saying that you are going to ride tight trails. So the smaller bike would be better.

You havent' been on a dirt bike in many years, so again, the smaller bike would make sense.

You can also get the smaller bike (but still quite powerful) and then get your wife something... How can you pass that up?

You will LOVE that wr. I know because I have one.

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