Speedometer is reading way to fast

As I was riding down a fire road yesterday I looked down and it said I was going 75 MPH. I know I was only doing about 30 MPH. I carry a gps with me and after the whole ride I had gone 52 miles but my odometer on my bike read 83 Miles. My bike is very clean so I don't know what is wrong.

Anyone else have this problem?

Any suggestions?

Take it back to the dealer you should still have some kind of warranty




R you sure it's set to show MPH and miles, or that other system of measurement??? I only ask because I had the same probem until I realized that I was a bone head. I thought wow my new WR will go 150 mph. Jeff S

Yeah, I agree with Jeff. It's probally reading km/h. Switch it over.

I will check to make sure it is on MPH not KPH. I will feel pretty dumb if that is it. Thanks.

That is the problem.

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