icat and vortex on same bike

has any body done this i heard the i cat runs with everything but just want to be safe

i ran a icat on my 04 wr450, there was a noticable difference in starting,fuel economy and it ran sharper down low(not really any more power but definately ran better). when i got my 05 yz i was planning on getting a vortex for it and had noticed a honda MX team that used both the icat and vortex they stated that together they worked great. so i started researching and found this... i spoke with icat,they said no problem that they would compliment each other...i spoke with MT racing(the US distributer for vortex),they said that the vortex already includes that circuitry and that it would be a waste....i spoke to vortex directly in australia,they said that they had tested with the vortex/icat and it showed no gains on the dyno,but it would pose no threat to the ignition,they also failed to comment if it shared the same circuitry? well what i can tell you is there are alot of people who have dyno tested the icat and found no gains,but i for one can tell the difference in how it runs better with it. maybe its not all about the HP but how it feels getting there,also one thing lacking on the dyno is real time(does it get you there quicker?) anyway i never did put it on with the vortex(which is sweet on its own) but sold the icat to help pay for vortex. i did notice a little less 'livelyness' off the bottom that i was used to. (i had the icat on the yz before the vortex) and i'm seriously considering getting another but i've already overshot this springs upgrade budget:thumbsdn: i'd go for it if you've got the money. if in testing you don't find any difference i'll buy the icat from you(for a reduced price of course:devil:)

thanks for all the info i am gonna run both if theres no problems with em i might try the dyno to see if the i cat helps at all in numbers or if it just makes the bike easier to ride at low speeds

I think NCMountainMan hit on something - the circuitry in the iCAT is not the same as anything else. I'm pretty sure it's all patent.

I'm with him on something else to - dyno or not the bike most definately feels like it's crisper (a LOT on some models) and on my little KTM144cc big bore bike it revved so much quicker that it was UNREAL! The jetting was rich and I didn't notice any blubbering at all and it was way more torquey.

Dyno proof or not - that little KTM was a joy with the iCAT. Take it off and it was a blubbering foo-foo bike! LOL

Good luck.


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