07 WR450 Hard to start when It is cold outside?

I have gone riding a couple of times where in the morning when the temp is around 30 or 40 degrees my bike takes a while to start. I almost kill the battery trying to start it. Is it jetting? I am guessing that my pilot is a little on the lean side??? The manual says to twist the throttle a couple of times before trying to start in cold weather. Any suggestions?

As a general rule when it is cold you will need more fuel to start. Twisting the throttle will release fuel from the accelerator pump. This should help you get the bike started. (Don't go crazy, you don't want to flood it.)

Also, along with 1 or 2 twists of the throttle, when it is cold out, it is best to use the kickstarter to get the first start of the day. It spins the engine faster than the electric starter, which is supposed to be for emergencies only anyway. WR Dave

I've found that tipping my WR all the way over to the left before the first start of the day helps get fuel in the carb for a quicker start.

I live in Alaska and it's freakin cold all the time so I feel your pain. 4 or 5 twists and use the kickstarter till it gets warmed up, you will wear out the e-start on cold starts. I also switch to lighter oil for spring and fall when I am consistantly dealing with the cold.

Do a search for "starter jet". I think there is a thread or two where Indy (resident Jetting expert) recommends changing your starter jet to improve starting.

It won't hurt to make sure your bike is properly jetted for the temperatures as well.

Yes, richen up the starter jet and up a size or two on the pilot from stock. They come lean from the factory.

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