Valves in Spec

Just another affirmation that we all purchased the best modern 4 stroke motor out there.

I have an 04 WR. Valves were adjusted one after about 10 hour of breakin riding. Valves have been checked 3 times since. Bike has now close to 1500 miles on it and the valves have not moved at all since the inital adjustment.

Gives me some peace of mind . . . FYI. I change oil after every 2 - 3 rides. Rotella.

Good job Yamaha. If I dont switch eventually over to a KTM 2 smoke in a few years, Yamaha will be the only 4 stroke I ride.


This is the best four stroke off road motor on the planet!

It is so reliable and durable compared to the rest. I adjust my valves around the 3000 mile mark and replace them at 12,000 miles.

I am waiting to buy the WR450 fuel injected version and retire my 03 to pasture.

Maybe in 2008 they will finally get EFI?:censored:

I know I am not splitting the bike in half to rejet with the new no access aluminum frame!:ride:

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