looking for shroud graphics

I'm changing to all black plastics(should be here on Monday), and I am looking for just shroud graphics. Any input on what you think would look good, or plain out any suggestions. I will post pics of it as soon as I have them on. It's for an 06 yz450f. Thanks.

go for the Monster Graphics. they look hot as hell, i need to find a set for my 426.


special thanks to swatcie for having such a nice bike

im assuming its possible to put a 450 tank and shrouds on a 426? i really want those graphics for my bike

One industries has a couple that might look good. The Hurricane kit or the Doug Henry kit might look good on black.

Ok, a quick update here. I got my black plastics all installed. I used UFO plastics instead of acerbis because I found that they are a little stiffer. The only drawback is that they don't fit perfect, I needed to heat up the plastics a little to get them right. No big deal. Anyway, the graphics I finally went with were custom made by XGX. They are an exact replica of a reaper that I have a tattoo of on my forearm. It looks awsome. These are the best graphics I ever installed. They cover the whole shroud and even go under the seat for a clean look, I highly reccomend them. I will post some pics as soon as I can so that the thumper community can give me some feedback. Also, for all those wanting an SDG step seat for an 06' 450, I found a place in Hawaii that has them. I ordered one of them off of ebay for 85$ including shipping. I fits perfect and well made. Thanks.

hmm, Motosport finally got the step seats in, and sent me one. I tried to put it on but it just would not fit. You had to push down in the center to get the plastic "hook" underneath to grab the sub frame, that in turn made the seat cover bunch all up. Then the bracket holes in the back were a good 1/2" from lining up with the bolt holes in the sub frame. Needless to say I sent it back. I took the foam out of an SDG tall seat I had for an '05 KX250f and it just about fit perfect on the stock YZ seat pan. Which was cool because that was basically free. LOL

Factory Effex has the Monster Graphics.

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