I need a rear wheel!!!

HELP guys! I need a rear wheel for my '93 XR600R! I would prefer it to be in decent condition, minimal scratches/wear and tear, obviously, I understand dirt bikes take a beating, so as long as it spins in a straight line and doesn't look like an egg, it should be good. Mine has two hairline fractures and I need one asap. All the ones on ebay are older models with drum brakes in the rear, mine is a disc in the rear and I need the hub to be from one with a rear disc. I want a complete rear wheel, spokes, and hub, don't care if the tire is still on or not. PLEASE HELP!!! I have PM'ed a couple guys parting out bikes in the classifieds here, but I want as many responses as possible. GO!

Hate to break it to ya buddy, but odds are that if you need it in a hurry, your gonna have to drop some serious $$$ to do so.

I have been in search of a second rear wheel for my 97 for years. Was looking on ebay and all I was able to find was the same, older models (85-86) with drum brake. Tell one day, spotted a 95 model rear wheel on ebay. Before I could bid, it was gone. Someone got it on the "buy now" deal.

You may have to bite it, purchase a rim then get it laced to your hub.

There is a 600r wheel on ebay right now. I am bidding on it as well but if your in a hurry and want to drop the $ go for it. :censored: Search for:

Honda 92-00 XR600 Rear Wheel Used

And, if you find more than one let me know I need one to supermoto my XRL.:ride:

I have a 91 XR250L rear wheel and tire. will it fit?

You will likely pay more for a wheel on ebay that it costs to buy a new Excel rim. Who knows how many miles will be on that ebay wheel. It may be close to cracking already. I think that a rim is like $140 or so.

Lacing up the rim is not that hard. I had no issues doing it the first time. I expected it to be a nightmare, but it wasn't.

First spray some good penetrating oil on the spoke nipples and let it sit at least overnight so it can do it's work. I like the Kroil products. It's almost like cheating, or maybe magic. Tape the spokes where they cross so they will not move. Unscrew the spoke nipples and remove the old rim. Put the new rim on. If you want to replace the spokes, do it at this step. Replace them one at a time then put the spoke nipples on. Tighten evenly and you are done. Don't overtighten the spokes. It is very easy to over do it.

hijack here...been outta town for a while, can you buy a new XR600R wheel with spokes AND another hub from places on the net? Meaning, are these for XRRs only, or can they be interchanged, with, say XR650R wheels/rims/hubs?

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