2003 YZ450F

I saw the new Dirt Rider some guy had in the airport. Big letters on the front cover, YZ450F. Anyone heard, saw the bike, or article yet? I hope a lighter WR450F is in the works too.


First off, did you receive your Kouba?

Second, all DR talked about was the rumor of 450F and it must shed some weight. That's all... :)

What is all this about Kouba I am seeing? I thought that was some kind of Eastern European Sausage!

Yeah I wasted $5 on Dirt Rider when I saw the 2003 YZ450 F headlines on the front of Febs Dirt Rider. What a disappointment to read the article to see that it was all just spectulation and an artist rendition of what the bike may look like.

I should have bought one of those koubasa's Kevin seems to be hawking!

fershy :)


What do you mean you wasted $5???

You did no such thing! That is quite possibly the best $5 you ever spent!


Turn to page 101. Look at the picture of Rodney Smith at the bottom. See the guy in the yellow shirt right at his rear fender. Thats me!!!! Didnt you recognize me? :D

Now, Im sure you will treasure that rag forever. :)

That was another thing that cheesed me off. The photograher was obviously panning Rodney Smith and blurring the obvious subject of the photo, you, Milkman! Shall I mail you my copy for your collection?


No Kouba yet, but take your time. I am going to de-octopuss this winter. Let me know about pay-pal, or the pay on-line.

You know....I was sitting here yesterday, when fershy made his comment about the mag....I was ready to bet money with anyone that it would bring the Got Milk dude out of the back of the truck.........Less than 3 hours later......

That's Funny....Got Bait!

Bonzai :)

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