lots of backfiring on deceleration

hello everyone. i have a wr400 with all the yz mods done and a yz exhaust. i turned out the screw on the bottom of the carb dont remember what it was called but i read it on tt) and that seemed to help. Now that its so cold 0-15 deg i've noticed it tends to backfire a lot when i let off the gas. Is it because of the extreme cold or will it clear up if i ride the bike more than 5 min? Im thinking that the bike doesnt have enough time to really warm up or that the air is so cold the bikes becoming lean. thanks-ed

Jetting leans out as the air gets colder. Colder air = denser air. But warm it up and see if it goes away before you decide to make any changes. If it's not that bad it may go away as the bike warms up. Also check for exhaust leaks.

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