07 YZ450F Dr D Exhaust

Has anyone tried the Dr D exhaust on an 07? I'm really happy with the noise output of the stock pipe (93dB) and it pulls well from mid on up but I'm looking for a little more chug off the bottom.

I hear good things about the Dr D pipe but I'd like to keep the noise down to around 96dB. Does the Dr D pipe wake up the bottom and keep the noise down or am I stuck with the stocker?


I'm currently waiting for dr d to release the new models i.e.

different end caps and quiter than last year..

if you want a cheap out , get the pro moto end cap only.. it replaces the restrictive WR style end cap that is on the of 07 yzf. It really woke up my bike, but is a bit louder...


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FMF MegaBomb Header (used with the stock muffler) So says Dirt Rider.

How much for the endcap?

How much for the endcap?

I have one with a spaarky in it that I would sell, it has a blue end cap.

I just picked up a whole MRD system. PM me if interested

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