Tripple Clamp Question

will a set of procircuit tripple clamps for a 01-05 yz250f-yz125 fit the stem and forks for a 05 yz450f

the best way to check is the Yamaha parts fiche online.

And also the thing to look at is the diameter of the fork tubes between those years/models.

I am not 100% sure but I think that the 01+ years 125's had 46mm tubes and the 05 went up to 48mm, so if thats the case, you would need to make sure the forks you have will fit the clamps.

In the first place, the triple clamp that fits an '01-'03 YZ250F will not fit an '04 or '05 because the earlier models had 46mm forks and the later ones had 48mm forks, so there is already something amiss with the way that's listed.

If the clamps fit an '04/'05 YZ250F, it will fit an '05 YZ450 IF you use the stem from the 450.

thanks guys

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